Episode 4: White Man Can’t Rap Part 2


Harrison calling @50cent a snitch.

The Great Drake Debate

Who’s the best MC, Biggie, Young Dro or Nas

Selling drugs isn’t the answer

Being a gang member doesn’t make you a boss

Mobsters Vs. gang members

These kids don’t respect the legends

Is 50 cent a snitch?

Who is the rapper behind the name?

Rick Ross. From that port of Miami to now.

The influence of Drill rap

Use negativity for a positive outcome

Put some money back in your neighborhood.

And sometimes you can’t win because the hood doesn’t let you do things for them

Supporting black business y’all just tweeting. It. You don’t mean it.

“You elitist prick”

Cultural reappropriation

Drake dabbling in reggae.

Harrison thinks Drake has lost it.

The definitive Drake debate.

Top 5 debate in great detail

A little young Dro talk (before the romper)

Tupac was a Ballerina

Shyne not being welcomed back to Belize.

The influence of the G-Unit mixtapes

Does Jay Z have a Ghostwriter?

Drake had to finish meek because he accused him of the cardinal sin

Rick Ross stopping 50 Cent’s wrath in a time he was unstoppable.

Rick ross killed street credibility because he didn’t have to back it up.

Throwing money at a strip club just proves you’re a sucker!

The days of making it rain are lame.

Sharing Strip Clubs stories and more….

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