Episode 3: White Man Can’t Rap Part 1


Harrison Forbes episode

– Dropping out of school at 15

– Giving his parents an ultimatum

– working with Murda Inc during the height of the beef with G-Unit

– following your dreams and finding your passion at a young age

– not letting society put its negative thoughts in your mind.

-Trying out being an employee and realizing it wasn’t for him

-Being a white rapper and not having a chip on his shoulder.

-My first racist encounter

-Black lives matter protests

-Race issues


-Trying drugs for the first time

-Panic attacks

-Drake being our Michel Jackson ( I said it before Joe Budden)

-A question for Kendall Jenner

-Telling the police to go fuck themselves (the white guy not me) because they don’t stand up for the people. And making some valid points for his argument
-Almost becoming a police officer for all the wrong reasons.

-Twitter poll from @ThatsHarrison what percent of female cops do you think like dick?
Above 75%
None at all

-The media not caring when police kill white people.

-Ja Rule’s fyre app (before the festival)

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